Pet Diagnostics Services in Carrollton, TX

Crossroads Pet Hospital uses diagnostics tools to help maintain health, prevent disease, and create a personalized recommendation for sick or injured pets. We use diagnostics to help with surgeries, dental procedures, and—as the name suggests—diagnosing health issues. We look forward to using diagnostics to improve and extend your pet’s life!

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Our In-House Laboratory Capabilities

Lab testing is an essential way for us to gather more in-depth information about your pet’s health. For both healthy pets and sick pets, our lab helps us determine the best next steps for your pet’s treatment.

Our most frequent testing types include:

Heartworm testing

Tick-borne disease testing

Fecal testing

(for intestinal parasites and other conditions)

Blood chemistry and complete blood count

(for measuring red and white blood cell count)

In addition to running tests in house, we also work with external labs for more specialized testing.

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Digital Radiography

Our hospital is equipped with a digital X-ray machine, which gives a faster and clearer picture than traditional film X-rays.


An electrocardiogram records electrical signals produced by a beating heart. For this diagnostic tool, our team will place electrodes on your pet to get a measured understanding of the heart and any abnormalities.

We look forward to diagnosing and treating your pet! For any questions, contact us today.