Freshen up your pet with bathing or grooming with Angelica, Crossroads Pet Hospital's new groomer! Even if your pet is anxious or aggressive, let us help make your pet look and feel their best!


Grooming Services

  • Bathing - Say goodbye to dirt and odor by treating your pet to a bath! Crossroads Pet Hospital uses specialized shampoos and soaps that are soothing for your pet’s skin.
  • Teeth Brushing - If you’d like, we can brush your pet’s teeth to keep their mouth healthy and breath fresh.
  • Grooming - Detangling and trimming your pet’s fur to unveil a gorgeous coat. We use Furminator Shed-less Treatments, which are high-end tools and grooming solutions to reduce recurring shedding by removing excess fur.
  • Nail Trims - Forget trimming at home—bring your pet to Crossroads Pet Hospital! Our seasoned groomer uses a dremel tool to reduce nail length in small, painless increments.
  • Ear Cleaning - Prevention infection, mites, and discomfort by having your pet’s ears cleaned! We safely and thoroughly clean pet ears to promote healthy bacteria.

Feel free to give Crossroads Pet Hospital a call at (972) 416-4060 for more information or to schedule a grooming appointment.

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