Pet Wellness Care for Carrollton, TX

We strive to maximize the years that pets have with their families. Our personalized approach to veterinary medicine covers every life stage. From first vacations to ensuring the comfort of your senior pet, Crossroads Pet Hospital is your veterinary partner for life!

Give Your Puppy or Kitten a Healthy Start!

Did you know that your new pet can meet their veterinarian as early as 6 weeks old? Crossroads Pet Hospital will get your pet’s health starting on the right paw by:

  • Providing Ongoing Care for Your Pet
  • Examining your young pet’s overall health!
  • Providing advice on diet for optimal growth and development
  • Administering vaccine boosters for early disease immunity
  • Answering questions about behavior, housebreaking, socialization, and more...

We look forward to keeping your pet healthy!

Helping pets hit their stride

In our 30 years of providing service to Carrollton, TX and beyond, we know that every pet is unique. While proper diet and exercise is a critical foundation for your pet’s health, we also recommend:

  • Physical exams. An annual visit with your pet helps us establish a baseline for their health, which allows us to address any ailments quickly!
  • Diagnostics. Testing your pet’s blood and stool to understand your pet’s inner workings while checking for parasites, infections, and any other internal issues.
  • Vaccinations. Our approach to vaccinations is truly personalized, and we vaccinate based on your pet’s needs. Vaccinating helps increase your pet’s disease-fighting antibodies for a stronger immune system!
  • Parasite prevention. Fleas, ticks, and heartworms are a serious threat to dogs and cats, regardless of their lifestyle. We recommend continuous, year-round parasite prevention so you can rest easy knowing that your pet (and your family) is always protected.